An Easy Way to Cook Caribbean Style Fried Chicken

>> Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tasty fried chicken Caribbean STYLE! ! !
Fried chicken everybody loves it weather it's KFC, Popeye's or from a local chicken and chip shop, fried chicken is a firm family favourite. So it's not surprising that many people think it's hard to recreate this tasty snack, but fret not because I'm going to share with you a really easy way, to create perfect Caribbean style fried chicken.

Ever notice how fast food establishments fry chicken in deep pans of oil, and then after a set period of time they remove the chicken and it's all ready to eat?

Well when your frying chicken at home it takes a bit more precision, to get tasty ready to eat fried chicken. As you have to ensure that you have fried the chicken evenly and long enough in the pan of oil, so that the inside of the chicken is fully cooked, with no red juices.

So when deep frying chicken how long you should fry your chicken for? When should you turn your chicken over? How can you ensure you get tender well cooked chicken every time?

Simple... season your chicken using various tropical Caribbean seasonings, and then quick fry the chicken in a large pan of oil (ensuring you turn the chicken over, once the side frying in the oil turns crisp brown).

Once both sides of the chicken are crisp brown, remove the chicken from the oil, and place in a large baking tray. Then place your chicken into the oven, and leave to bake on a medium heat for 1hr (ensuring you turn the chicken over after 30 mins of cooking).

Remove your chicken from the oven and it's ready to eat, no red juices or rawness just crispy succulent Caribbean style fried chicken ENJOY.
About the author: Sherene's endeavours include hosting dinner parties for family and friends, cooking tasty Caribbean style summer BBQs, visiting vibrant markets, reading recipe books and travelling to sample the unique flavours of the continents.

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