About Caribbean Recipe Kits

The concept of Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits, came about because of a strong passion and love of cooking Caribbean food.

As a child growing up (at the tender age of five), I used to watch my mother cooking delicious Caribbean meals. I always remember being totally mesmerised, at the ease in which my mother manoeuvred around the kitchen, and the love she would (and still does) show in mixing, chopping and tasting the various ingredients.

My mother would cut up all sorts of exciting cooking ingredients like nunu (which is mint and pronounced noo-noo) ginger, thyme and scallion (which is spring onion and pronounced skel-lian) which she would add to various dishes, whilst cooking in her favourite traditional Dutch pot.

The scent from my mother’s pot was so mesmerizing, even as I write this piece I can still smell all those delicious aromas, wafting through the air. I mean my mother’s pot was so well seasoned, you could smell the spices from the beginning of the street!

As I grew up surrounded by Caribbean food, it really inspired me to take a keen interest and develop a love for Caribbean cooking. I soon began to learn how to knead dumplings, and season meat. I then started re-creating and tweaking my mother’s traditional recipes, by infusing my own style of Caribbean cooking.

As the years passed by, I experimented with Caribbean cooking some more, and developed quite a following from (my husband who’s my biggest fan), friends and family members, who always invite themselves over for dinner, or ask that I cook for their parties gatherings etc.

My penchant for Caribbean cooking also lead me to occupy a Caribbean food stall, along with my mother and husband for many years at London’s Notting Hill Carnival. Together we cooked a large variety of well known Caribbean treats such a patties, saltfish fritters and “pan-tucky” (meaning jerk chicken cooked freshly in a jerk pan).

All these experiences and the compliments from customers, friends and family inspired me to provide an easy way for Caribbean food lovers (no matter the cooking ability), to cook and enjoy home made traditional Caribbean dishes.

So with all this in mind Caribbean recipe kits was born, and here we are sharing these special recipes, with like minded Caribbean food lovers like you.

Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits are delicious, tasty and truly represent the flavours of the Caribbean. The recipe kits make it easy for even the most novices of cooks, to recreate an authentic reggalicious Caribbean meal.

For added ease when cooking we provide easy to follow recipe cards, that also includes colour pictures, to help you every step of the way, whist you create your tasty traditional Caribbean master piece.

Now you know what a Caribbean recipe kit is, click here and browse our latest recipe kits in store now. I know you will enjoy using your Caribbean recipe kit, as much as we have enjoyed making them, and as my mother would say
“Ah wi mek Caribbean cooking EASY”!


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